Nurturing Success, Quality and Inspiring Achievement

Ajyad Knowledge is an education company committed to delivering the highest quality in education and training. We draw on the very best of local and international expertise from both our own team and our carefully selected international partners. We listen to the needs of schools, teachers and our clients, and carefully tailor the right support and approaches to meet the educational challenges our young people face.

Ajyad Knowledge is deeply committed to nurturing talent and helping build longer-term capacity in schools and colleges to improve the life chances of future generations of students in Saudi Arabia. Our commitment to quality and educational improvement is at the heart of our commitment to you.

Our Vision

Unravelling the Full Potential of Educators and Learners

Ajyad aims to become a market leader in education and training services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC region by delivering high quality and innovative services for parents, students, government and employers.

We aim to

Deliver high quality education through outstanding and innovative educational and training services.

Operate schools and training institutes that are the number one choice for parents and students.

Be the preferred partner for governments in improving education quality.

Become the local partner of choice for international education and training companies looking to expand across the region.

Be the preferred strategic partner for the private sector in professional and vocational training

Our Values

Believing in Our Aims, and Trusted to Deliver

Our values provide the core principles under which we work with organisations, teachers and students. These include:



We learn together and we seek to continually improve our own knowledge and skills to help others improve their own.



We believe all students, teachers and our clients deserve the best and that they can expect us to deliver the best



We believe in honesty and transparency, trust and straight forwardness, in all our partnerships and in all we do.



Ajyad’s work and our partnerships will deliver the highest standards and quality and we respect our partners and clients are trusting us to deliver this for them every day and in every piece of work we do



We seek out innovative solutions that add value and tackle the problems that others struggle to overcome.



Making a difference and building sustainable improvement needs people to work together as partners to become self-motivated, to exercise creativity and to build a confidence in success.

A Message from Ajyad Knowledge

Education is the heart that drives the future of our nation. Our young people of both today and the future need to have the knowledge and skills to respond to the rapidly changing world in which we live, a world where technology, communication and the pace of change is constant. Ajyad Knowledge is passionate about making a difference and preparing our schools, colleges and young people to meet the challenge of change. We aspire to help develop the curiosity, perseverance and creativity our young people both now and into the future , will need in order to find solutions to problems that we do not yet know exist. Our passion is driven through our commitment and our care. It is driven by our desire to make a lasting difference to society and to the life chances faced by our children and young people.

Ajyad is committed to working in partnership with others to build and improve the education and learning within our schools and colleges, and the skills and achievement of students and young people. We are committed to making a difference and to working together with teachers, governments and parents to fulfill the ambitions of our nation and the 2030 vision for the future.

Our Core Services

Ajyad provides the following services at the core of our business to improve the education of children and young people. For more information on each of these services, please contact +966 11 250 6300

School operation through the acquisition and management of our own schools, and through strategic partnerships with international school brands working to improve diversity and choice for parents.

Building schools and providing school support services to improve facilities and strengthen the administration of schools.

Vocational education support and training.

Developing and managing kindergarten and early education settings.

Educational support services to schools and colleges including leadership support, professional development, quality assurance and educational improvement.


Working Together to Bring about a Lasting Change

Ajyad is committed to working in partnership to deliver the best solutions that will make the greatest difference and which will add the greatest value to the work we do. We are always seeking to find the right partnerships that can bring innovative and high quality solutions to our work in the region. If you are keen to work with Ajyad in developing and expanding innovative and creative ideas to improve the education of young people in Saudi Arabia and across the Gulf region, please get in touch with one of our team on +966 11 250 6300. We would be delighted to hear from you.


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